Winning team development

‘A successful team are like FIFA World Cup winners! The right person in the right position playing with a common message, motivation and goal… plus right action at the right moment!’


What constitutes a winning team is the dynamic combination of enthusiasm, energy, skill and a concerted commitment to goal scoring! To achieve this a team needs positive encouragement, focused training and dynamic leadership with clearcut, inspiring communication from manager, coach and captain! All organisations have the ability to create winning teams! However, quite often team players don’t actually play that well together – and sometimes not even on the right pitch! There may be internal as well as external reasons for this: For example, the team as a whole may lack inspiration, direction and morale. Individual players may not know their role or lack motivation, purpose and guidance. It maybe because they simply don’t know their own ability or haven’t had an opportunity to find out what they can really do! It may also be due to insecurity or lack of awareness in the group with regard to roles, rules and opportunities. Too many players running aimlessly around the field with neither plan nor tactics is a state of affairs that’s neither healthy nor helpful in terms of mental, physical and financial output!


In today’s world, most people have the capacity to perform far more than they actually do! Many dream of accomplishing more from their latent talents but feel held back by internal or external restraints. Beset by limiting thoughts on what they believe they can’t do! Limiting thoughts about what they believe they can do! In fact limiting thoughts about what’s actually possible for them to do and achieve!


“It has taken thousands of years to build them! Use them! “ ~from ‘Roots’ by Arnold Wesker.

In a group that’s developing an open, mutually supportive, trusting atmosphere, it’s easier to drop the everyday jargon and narrow attitudes and create a wider, deeper purpose that facilitates the release of empowering latent ability and inherent resources. The group develops its own energetic momentum. This common energy creates a culture of courage, confidence and strength. Groups that feel good about themselves work well… in fact they work so well that everyone feels even better than before! It’ll be a valuable and effective ‘circle’ that develops the group beyond existing limitations.


This is about understanding how we work at a deeper level: what drives us and what we like to do best, in order to access each individual’s highest potential. Tasks and assignments should take into account individual preferences and abilities. They should not be limiting and should at best create real opportunities for individuals to blossom within the group.

InterACT Communication has extensive experience in working with groups and group processes that achieve extra-ordinary tangible results! We primarily want to break down and eliminate all and any limiting patterns that prevent significant improvement of an individual’s performance and greatly enhance team spirit. We want to create a culture in your organisation that is creative, empathic, tolerant, open and supports a lively team-spirit! A culture where everyone grows and makes full use of all their talents and potential! A culture that feels well and does well! On all levels! The most important bridge to a positive culture, cooperation, verbal and non-verbal communication.

InterACT Communication focuses on creating a rich soil for the healthy growth of dynamic human communication. Our work consists of practical exercises, models and coaching – depending on your goals, needs and timing.


Depending on your needs we also cooperate with other centres of excellence in the field of communications such as: Sales and business development, culture and work ethic, project management and change processes, organisational development, strategic communication, branding and public relations.
We also partner with competent sources for analysis tools: Strength-finder, DISC, SDI, IPU and Meyers Briggs.


By working with the group’s potential from ‘the inside out’ we’re able to develop and hone:

• Individual commitment and motivation
• Individual performance
• Clear goals, context, cooperation and focus
• Creative, supportive and healthy team spirit
• Personal development and community cohesion
• Competent and able to handle conflict and challenges
• Sustainable vibrant energy, inner and outer health and wellbeing
• More conscious intuitive communication with colleagues & customers
• Communicating the brand story to customers and general public
• Efficient performance, confidence, empathy, care and morale

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