Public Speaking Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching

Public speaking is the process of addressing a group of people in a structured, focused and engaging way that aims to connect with and add value to the listener!




Your job or position entails talking and presenting in front of groups and/or an audience, either privately or in public. Understandably you want to improve the levels of confidence, eloquence and delivery of your speaking abilities – as well as being more compelling, convincing and charismatic! You may feel you have real ability, as well as latent talent, to inspire, move and motivate other people, but feel you need an extra boost? Or, you’re just not quite brave enough to take that final step centre-stage and become the centre of attention? Or, maybe you’re an experienced speaker who just needs that little push to be the extra-ordinary communicator you feel is waiting to step into the spotlight



We offer targeted ‘4-dimensional’ coaching for all leaders, executives, staff and entrepreneurs who have a public role, are constantly ‘on stage’, or in front of the media. We specialise in four areas which together form the essential components for you to feel safe, confident, convincing and powerful on stage.

Rhetoric/Eloquence: How to produce, structure and prioritise content and technique to achieve clarity of intent/purpose in your speeches and communications.

Voice/Vocal Technique: How to use your voice’s inherent power, quality and energy to engage, captivate and move an audience.

Performance: How to be consistent, dynamic and compelling when projecting your message using all elements at hand: body, voice, presence, energy and movement in the space around you.

NLP: A behavioural-psychological model based on studies of skilled professional communicators and their way of creating effect and/or change through their communication. We use NLP to support you in creating a conducive mind-set to cope with whatever given circumstance you may encounter.



• You’ll feel mentally/emotionally safe and confident on stage
• You’ll be able to speak, present and connect to any audience
• Your content will be clearer, more convincing and compelling
• Your presence and delivery is dynamic, powerful and engaging
• You’ll be regarded as an eloquent and empathic communicator


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