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Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint! If eyes are the mirrors of the soul, your voice is the sound of your soul! There is a lot you can do to develop and strengthen your voice potential and quality. By improving vocal technique and putting it into a holistic context with body, mind and emotions you’ll boost and strengthen your voice in a way that uplifts, reaches out and touches. The secret to a sustainably powerful voice lies in acquiring correct breath control and breathing technique.



Voice training is much more than just ‘training’ your voice. It’s a process that develops, invigorates and sustains your inner strength, self-esteem and self-belief. It’s a combination of energy/resilience training and personality development.
An authentic voice has great flexibility and distinction – and is completely in tune with the NOW.

A great voice is immensely varied and versatile – a palette of many colours! It conveys energy, dynamism, excitement and emotion. It is both vividly and eloquently expressive! Correct voice training and vocal technique is about removing the tension and restrictions that prevent full vocal expression by creating the right space and support for free natural movement and expression.

A further important aim of vocal technique training is to help a speaker/presenter cope with different speaking environments and situations such as large auditoriums/stages, small office and enclosed meeting rooms, microphone management, communication with the media e.g: television, radio, sales, information, PR presentations etc.



Voice training is a combination of relaxation exercises, muscle training and personal development. At the outset we conduct a voice analysis and then tailor a program that is designed specifically for you and your speaking needs.

Depending on your needs a customised program may typically include:

• Body awareness
• Breathing
• In-body vocal support
• Resonance
• Articulation
• Tempo
• Power
• Poetic Rhythm – variation in tone, tempo and accent
• Projection
• Text/word use
• Voice in conjunction with movement and text



When fully trained you’ll have a voice that shows intent, authority and credibility
• When fully trained you’ll have a voice that will deliver even the longest speeches
• When fully trained you’ll have a voice that’s flexible and versatile in all situations
• When fully trained your voice will connect vibrantly, powerfully and compellingly
• With the benefit of a trained voice you’ll feel fully confident in all speaking arenas


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