Presentation Skills

Presentation skills

"Presentation skills that enable you to connect with an individual or audience - and leave a lasting impression - are fundamentally about the ability to build a long-term relationship!"


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Do you have significant difficulty and problems speaking in front of others/in public?
Do you want to improve your ability to speak confidently to a group or audience?
Do you need help preparing your message in order to present it effectively?
Do you want help preparing your own personal video presentation?

This training in presentation skills will enable you to connect with an individual or audience – and leave a lasting impression.


The first few minutes will determine whether you’ll carry the audience with you, or not! A striking, even ‘shock’ opening leaves an impression that lingers in the memory! The remainder of your content should be understandable, dynamic and yet easy-to-follow. A well-prepared speech should follow a strict ‘red thread’ and give a clear, overall picture. An absolute prerequisite is that you are present, engaged, clear and understandable. Our expertise is in coaching, enabling and supporting you in everything from set-up, production, rhetoric/argument/message, memorising content and preparing the theatrical/staging set-up!



The ability to communicate quickly, clearly, engagingly and authentically is THE key skill that EVERYONE in business, commerce, politics, administration and education MUST master if they wish to be taken seriously as a meaningful leader, manager, executive, entrepreneur, seller or inspirer/motivator/trainer/teacher!

At InterAct Communication we consider that there are three basic levels of communication: inner communication (mind set), interactive communication (personal) and contextual (facts & information) where all meaningful exchanges take place. In interactive communication the levels of factual, spatial and relationship based communication require different levels of awareness, knowledge, skill and focus.

We employ proven presentation techniques that work on the premise that the most effective learning/retention start and proceed from the ‘inside-out’ in order to produce presentations that genuinely authentic, original, clear, eloquent and effective.



InterACT Communication has developed a unique concept that blends:

Rhetoric: Inquiry & inventory, focus & outline, vocabulary, memorising, familiarisation and performance – overall structure.

Physical Performance: personal expression, voice, body, visual/spacial awareness of venue/rooms, dynamics and directions – environmental & spatial disposition.

NLP: Neurolinguistic programming to aid & enable you as a presenter – supporting and reinforcing your ability to achieve your goals – the mental training approach.  Read more…

Voice Technology: breathing, support, resonance, articulation, projection – the spiritual approach.
You strengthen and uplift your message by working with both structure and content as well as production techniques – the theatrical/visual portrayal of your message. Our support and assistance is unpretentious and playful with plenty of room for improvisation, exercises, group/team and individual training.



To communicate forcefully and successfully your message should contain authentic and deeply-rooted values: qualitative values powerfully reinforce message and meaning. We work with your and/or your organisation’s stated values to ensure your messages are delivered – and received – so that they’re perceived by your listener/audience as being powerful, trustworthy and consistent. A good metaphor is looking at the basic functions of a good car engine. The engine is physical entity and operates as such – it’s not a mental attitude! It’s the same with our bodies – this is a physical ‘motor-experience’ – and it works/drives in the same way!



We train you and/or your organisation’s presentation skills to uplift/improve and strengthen communication in other areas such as telephone contact, client meetings, other meeting situations, information sessions. Our model can be used in all personal and group encounters.



We’re able to help all those who suffer from stage fright or feel insecure and uncomfortable in speaking situations – And of course we also offer to those who, although you’re confident as speakers/presenters, feel you could become more expressive, powerful and competent in your presentation and delivery! We also work with those of you who have direct ‘phone/Skype/face-to-face contact with customers and clients on a daily basis! Not forgetting all those who provide training and/or work in information/PR departments! In short, we’re here for ANYONE who wants to be more competent, confident, empathic and effective in your spoken communication! All human interaction is sensory and rhetoric!



• You will become a confident, competent, convincing and personable speaker
• Your messages will be clearer, understandable, values-driven and engaging
• You will know how to achieve effective results and replicate them every time
• Voice and body language are integrated with message, intention and delivery
• You will have mastered a structure that brings out your creative self-expression
• Your stage presence, audience contact and connection is focused and uplifted
• You are able to reach out, inspire, move, motivate & leave a lasting impression
• You are more aware, confident, connected & powerful in all human encounters



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