Leadership development

Dynamic Leadership Development

"Communication has two sides to the one coin: first, the ability to be consistent, direct and clear; second the ability to be responsive, flexible and to support others to grow and develop!"



‘Dynamic’ definition: …Always active or changing, having or showing a lot of energy: or relating to energy, motion, action, activity, event, or process.’

Words… words into sentences… sentences eloquently and compellingly delivered are a leader’s most important communication tool.

We train leaders to be perceived as authentic and present, as well as dynamic and forth-right in meetings with those around you… and so your ability to inspire, motivate and influence others is enhanced and increased! The heart of a leader is a powerful combination of qualities: a coming-together of mind, values, voice, body and feeling: a balanced blend of presence and elo-quence that creates a positive, lasting impression! It’s also about being consciously aware and responsive – with a capacity to listen carefully and empathically. Clear, focused, inspired leadership sets the tone for a corporate culture that creates pro-active collegiate cooperation, where curiosity and a desire to learn and grow is fostered and maintained. A climate of harmonious communication and connection between all members of the organisation actively promotes and supports each employee to realise and surpass their potential – which in turn creates optimum conditions for corporate growth, better sales, increased market share – and higher morale!

This work includes:

Leadership Quality
Mindset Management
Conflict Resolution
Evaluation and Feedback
Handling Crisis
Receptivity & Matching Techniques
Personal Expression


InterACT Communication specialises in four holistically-linked arenas …each supporting the other to boost and enhance your public persona and presence!

• Voice technique: to develop authority, energy and a dynamic personality. Voice technique is a further exercise in creating and uplifting your level of eloquence in action

• Eloquence/Rhetoric: creates structure, injects energy and enthusiasm into your performance

• Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP): Strengthens your mindset, bolsters your resolve, and pro-motes achievement your goals and purpose.

• Performance: Reinforces your ability to express yourself using your body and the space you inhabit in order to practice being clear, credible and engaging.

InterACT works with a unique concept that combines personal expression, rhetorical eloquence, production technique and coaching in all forms of communication you use, so you can be confident in captivating/influencing individuals and audiences in the most inspiring, engaging manner. By concentrating on these areas, we aim to strengthen and empower your mindset, your presence, your focus – as well as your personal charisma! We expand and support your ability to inspire, mo-tivate and influence! What we do enables and empowers you to be a leader from ‘the inside out’!


Leaders must be able to combine and manage different roles in a leadership position. Coaching is a uniquely effective skill and forum for developing team-work and interactive cooperation in order to create the climate for achieving better business results. We see coaching as a fantastic, pro-active attitude and communication-builder that shows you how to practice the art of ‘stepping out of the spotlight’ and focusing 100% on your staff, managers or teams. You’ll learn to inspire and create processes ‘from within’. This is a far more motivating and effective modus operandi than telling someone what they should do. Coaching is about creating an effective process and response via asking important and relevant questions. We show and train you in simple processes and models that you’ll use effectively when working/meeting with your employees.


Business Coaching is a clear straightforward process in 6 – 10 steps with a view to creating better business results through coaching! Business Coaching is mainly aimed at leaders and manage-ment. An important part of this process is that you, in turn, learn how to coach your employees and how to implement effective coaching of your own management team.


• You’ll be confident, focused, eloquent and dynamic when speaking in public
• You’ll inspire your employees in a way that displays clarity, connection, motivation
• You’ll create positive energy, confidence and engagement amongst your employees
• You’ll enhance your capacity to shine as a creative inspirer and caring, empathic leader
• You’ll have a tone in your voice and a dynamism that will impel people to listen to you
• You’ll inspire and create improved cooperation with colleagues, teams and clients
• You’ll increase productivity, profitable turnover, market share and employee morale
• You’ll inspire and create positive, sustainable business, social and personal outcomes



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