Individual Development

Individual training

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We offer a comprehensive one-to-one coaching & mentoring service.


Coaching for those who appear in official contexts and want to feel more secure and powerful infront of an audience and/or in media. We will work with your personal charisma, rhetoric, presentation techniques and mental training, tailored to your goals and your specific situation.
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We design a unique process to meet your needs. Some of the techniques and modells we use are: Mindset – how to understand and become consciously aware of your ‘mental map’, matching techniques – the ability to understand how others think and act, coaching, Clear Leadership, modells for difficult conversations, conflict management, improvisation techniques, personal xxpression (body and voice), feedback modells, responsiveness, etc.

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One-to-one training in presentation skills includes important elements of the classic Rhetoric:

  • Inventory – audience analysis, goal setting (Inventio)
  • How to structure/use information, e.g. specific content or arguments (Disposio)
  • How to choose/use words, language style, appropriate emphasis (Elocutio)
  • How to instill and ‘fix’ information in the body-mind ‘muscle memory’, includes various memory-aids (Memoria)
  • Action’ techniques including physical presence, connection, body, voice, dynamics, etc (Actio)

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You’ll complete a voice analysis and personal inventory. Based on these and a joint discussion you are ‘proposed a process of 5-10 sessions. Each session is 60 minutes long and will invclude skills such as: posture, breathing, support, resonance, diction, mobility, variation and text/script reading.
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You’ll learn how to use compelling Storytelling modules relevant to your specific professional arena and presentations. In a unique, fun and creative process you will be trained to use the power of story to improve your presentations and communication skills.
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Management Coaching helps both novice as well as experienced managers to develop their leadership skills. Together we identify the areas you want to develop and subsequent coaching is based on thoose areas. In the coaching process you will get help to grasp your intuitive knowledge/expertise and learn how to integrate and develop it as part of your professional tool-kit.


Business Coaching is aimed primarily at managers and management teams who need/ want to improve overall business performance. The coaching process is based on a 10 ‘module’ process spread over 6-12 months.


Sales Coaching is aimed primarily at sales managers and/or sales representives who need/want to improve overall sales performance. The coaching process is based on a 10 ‘module’ process spread over 6-12 months.
Sales Coaching can be offered as a coaching process and/or as a coaching process mixed with training in personal charisma/presentation skills.


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