Charisma Training

Charisma Training

"Charisma is openness to giving and receiving energy, emotion and attention with other people!"
- Author Sandra Zimmer

“Charisma is the result of effective leadership, not the other way around.”
~ Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus, ‘Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge’



Charisma comes to us via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek kharisma (from kharis meaning favour or grace) which nowadays has come to mean ‘having great charm or appeal, filled with charisma’. A person who is charismatic gets on well and easily with people; they invariably create an empathic, convincing and/or inspiring connection with their audience. How often do we hear or read “he/she has tremendous charisma and stage presence” about a famous actor or renowned leader!

Charisma can also be seen as strength of character and personality. More often than not it’s something that occurs as a result of a relationship with people and life experience, as it is not generally an innate birth trait. Because it’s about a relationship created with and through the energy and social communion with people, charisma can emerge at any time and any place. But most frequently it’s projected by a person/people who’ve become skilled at communicating their vision in a manner that creates interest, emotion, energy, meaning and value.

You too can strengthen and enhance your charisma …by practicing and refining the different facets of your personality at various levels… you’ll become focused, flexible and responsive in how you connect to people – and clear and direct in relationship with yourself and others.

Isn’t it time you discovered your ability to charismatically inspire and engage …and leave your mark?



7 KEY STAGES TO CHARISMA (divided in three phases)

The Work Shop is a ‘taster’ of a longer training that’s divided into 3 x 1/2 days.
These Key Stages comprise three phases: Basics, Enhancement and Sustainability.
The structure is based on a process that begins with your current business/company values.
Each Stage is based on your verbal and non-verbal communications – they consist of a combination of workshops and lectures.



The foundation of building trust, personal charisma and lasting relationship is all about Authenticity. You’ll learn on how to enhance and deepen your authenticity and credibility by becoming grounded and anchored in your personal and professional values.

The focus of this Key Stage is on developing and strengthening;

• Credibility
• Values
• Identity


2. PRESENCE – contact with the public

The next step is about learning to be totally ‘present’ when meeting people. ‘Being present’ invites others to do the same – in fact it’s fundamental to your message being received/accepted.

This Stage focuses on how your thoughts, feelings, body and voice combine and are projected in order to create empathic contact – whether with customers, colleagues or the public – so that everyone you make contact with feels seen, heard and acknowledged, if not important.

This Key Stage includes:

• Centering
• Contact
• Mental, physical, emotional states
• Energy and commitment



Your basic foundation can now be built upon by linking it to your emotions and your sense of personal engagement. You’ll learn how to explore and project your ‘inner fire’ based on your personal values and commitment as well as those of your company/organisation by:

• Developing and connecting message to emotion
• Specifying your goals and how to achieve them
• Anchoring the message and enhancing focus
• Strengthening your ability to engage & influence


A major key to successful communication is the right combination of voice and body language. We give you the tools and techniques that will help you to strengthen your voice and how to use your body language that projects your personality in such as way that you’ll be able to reach out, move and inspire an audience with your message.

• Body awareness
• Voice & body support
• Resonance
• Diction
• Projection
• Voice-body synergy


A concise knowledge of structure, retention/recall is the basis for creating the necessary conditions for your message to be razor-sharp and well-centred in your body and mind. You’ll practice various exercises based on eloquence and rhetoric that will train you in acquiring a clarity and directness of presence and delivery which, in turn, will lift and enhance the way you communicate. You’ll be able to project your personality in a manner that is totally unique to you – and your audience!

• How to Begin
• How to End
• Information
• Content/argument
• Memorising


By using engaging phraseology, colourful language and differing styles, you’ll add to the substance of your message even more effectively.

You’ll learn to use a form of language that is universally appealing. Your five senses – feeling, sight, hearing, smell and taste are brought fully and effectively into play. Communicating using all five senses will depend greatly on the context and occasion. You’ll be learning to use language in the widest, deepest, most powerful of ways.

• Five Senses Communication
• Word-choice/colourful language
• Metaphor
• Storytelling



Most important of all in creating empathic connections and lasting relationships is the ability to LISTEN! Without this fundamental of all communication skills you will soon lose your newfound audience!

In this Key Stage with the help of various tools, models and approaches you’ll acquire the ability to listen at a much, much deeper level than ever before!

You’ll practice:

• Verbal responsiveness: how to listen to language’s needs, patterns, constraints and openings.
• Non-verbal response; body language, matching, sequencing, anticipation, creating rapport.


  • Lectures
  • Practical exercises
  • Practical Performance


• Monitor advanced individuals or groups
• Achieve Integration via specially designed charisma games
• Benefit from prolonged practical training via a systematic training course in instalments – available on internet. For further information see:



• You’ll leave the course fully equipped to project your unique brand of charisma
• You’ll create your own chemistry that will attract close personal relationships
• You create empathy, trust, confidence which will lead to increased business
• The company’s core values are anchored in your behaviour and communication
• You’ll gain the full respect, admiration and the trust of colleagues and clients
• You will strengthen your leadership and inspire closer, more effective teamwork
• Your self-esteem, self-respect and confidence will be immeasurably increased
• You will demonstrably improve and lift your eloquence, argument and delivery
• You will be perceived and regarded as a more interesting and exciting person
• You have the ability to create and develop strong personal chemistry anywhere
• You’ll leave an indelible and unforgettable image and imprint wherever you are
• You’ll be perceived as someone who radiates positive energy, empathy, goodwill



• Stronger relationships with colleagues, employees and clientele
• Sustainable return business from existing customers and clients
• New customers will be impressed and want to do business with you
• Stronger team spirit in the company will strengthen the internal culture
• You and the organisation will have a positive brand “signature” and image

“How can you have charisma?
Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves
than you are making them feel good about you.”

~ Dan Reiland


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