Lena Gennerud-Eng

Lena Gennerud

Business & Group Development specialist
Lena has enjoyed an extensive and successful background in the chemical and medical research industry, in marketing with management positions in advertising in agency, personnel and brand management as well as marketing coordination.

Since 2008, Lena has focused on organisational development, or as she likes to call it as a 'group developer' within companies. Lena has invented her own tool to make the most of the energy in companies and increase motivation.

Lena's goal is to help enable a tangible uplift in one-to-one and group communication in companies and organizations that actually empowers all employees. A process that gives them the means to become confident in themselves and their ability to make better decisions, be more authentic, have more fun - and together to create dynamic improvements in creative energy and motivation. In enabling people to achieve faster, more consistent results more easily, her aim is to empower them to explore and uncover their hidden potential and help them realise their goals. Lena wants people to "find and mine the seam of inner gold that gleams below the surface" and mould it into something of real value to the benefit of all - whether in business or personal life.