Johanna Cederström-Eng

Johanna Cederström

Strategic Communications Specialist
Johanna is a consultant in strategic communications, with over 15 years of experience in strategic communication in long-term business strategy and reputation management. With a structured communication process she aims to clarify, simplify and support the business communication in an efficient and methodical way.

In particular, Johanna focuses on the organisation's mission to create stability in the management of communication, so that it is effective in both pro-active and re-active situations. She helps to construct and imbue the company/brand message strategy, and focuses on crisis management and front-end training for all types of external communication.

Johanna has a exemplary reputation as a recognised supplier of various types of tailored emergency management exercises - many of which have been successfully utilised under challenging scenarios. For organizations with extensive out-reach needs, who depend heavily upon their communication channels, she developed a structured communications tool, which simplifies and supports requisite modes of communication. This tool is developed via the efficient use of resources, careful preparation and effective, cost-effective methodology and software.