Harald Moe-Eng

Harald Moe

Sales Motivating Behavior & Communication Development
Harald Moe works with sales driven behavioral and communication development - using the colorful, transformative power of Metaphor. The aim is to enable employees to very clearly see their role in the big picture - and to clarify for each individual how they can contribute to a more successful business.

There's only one kind of Revenue that counts - and it only comes from the Client! The goal is to ensure that all employees are 100% fully focused on working to the goal - together with their colleagues - of creating fantastic customer-value output - and making the customer as happy as possible.

Harald has worked in marketing, sales and communications for some 30 years. Self-employed for ca 25 years, he also ran an advertising agency and worked with many well-known companies and leading brands.

Harald believes that all results can be better... if only the company knew how!